1.) What is Emaratiya.net?

– Emaratiya.net is website that is built to function both as a Directory and Market place. In the Directory, everyone can market their business for Free by posting a free listing with us and have your business known to the market or avail our premium marketing packages. And in the market place, we work with the world’s biggest and reliable online sellers (Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express) where everyone can start their own online business and achieve extra income from wherever you are.

2.) How do I promote my business for free?

– At the home page, mouse over on the Add Listing in the header and you will see the Free Listing, click it. You will be directed to the Free Listing page where you need to input all the details of your company. Once done, click on preview to see how the actual page will look like. When all information is correct, click on the Submit Listing and will be sent to our administrator for checking and approval.

3.) How many days will the free listing last?

– We will be posting your free listing for free for 12 months.

4.) I have a business and I need better marketing than the Free one, how can Emaratiya.net help?

– Emaratiya.net can help you in marketing your business in the United Arab Emirates and GCC countries. At the home page, mouse over on the Add Listing in the header and you will see the Directory Listing Packages, click it and a page containing the directory packages with their corresponding coverage in it. Click on Read More to see the full details and click on Buy Now should you decide which package you need.

5.) What is the price range of the marketing packages?

– Our Marketing packages ranges from 4,000 Dirhams (Basic) to 24,000 Dirhams (Advanced).

6.) What else can Emaratiya.net offer to market my business?

– Emaratiya.net has ways to help you get introduced to potential clients. We have an online magazine which is highly respected by locals and expats in the UAE and GCC countries, as well as our Facebook Page where it reaches 400,000 followers, and other social media websites. This will definitely help to spread the news about your company or business.

7.) It is mentioned that Emaratiya.net is a Marketplace, can I buy a product from your website?

– Yes. Click on Shop in the home page and you will be directed to our Shop page where you can see all our available products.

8.) I’m interested with starting my own Online Shop, how can I do it?

– At the home page, mouse over on the My Online Shop and click on My Online Shop Packages. You will be directed to a page where all packages are shown. Click Read More to view the full information of the packages and choose which suits you. Once decided, click on ORDER NOW to proceed with information gathering page and payment.

9.) How do I make payment for availing an Online Shop?

– All payment transactions will be made online, thru credit card.

10.) When my Online Shop is created, where do I get my products to sell?

– Our special software will take care of all the products displayed in your Online Shop. It will continuously update new products in your Online Shop whenever you sold any product to keep your shop full of items for sale.

11.) Who will be the supplier/s of the products in my Online Shop?

– Emaratiya.net is working with three of the world’s biggest and reliable online sellers which are Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express. All products will come from them.

12.) I have my own products to sell, can I sell it in my Online Shop?

– Yes. We offer Online Shop Packages which are specifically made to accommodate selling of your own products.

13.) How much income do I expect to get when I subscribe to an Online Shop?

– At average, it is estimated for you to have an income of $100 to $500 a week. It depends on how you promote your Online Shop to buyers. If you are good in promoting it or have an established group who has good buying habits, then your income could get higher than the numbers we provided. In general, your income is based on your efforts in promoting your Online Shop to get sales.

14.) If I sell a product thru my Online Shop, what is the process of getting my income / commission?

– Upon registration, you will be providing your bank account details. All income / commission will be credited to your bank account directly from your choice of seller (Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express).

15.) Do I get my commission immediately after any sales?

– Commissions will be credited to your bank account every 15 days. That is every 15 of the month and last day of the month.

16.) How do I monitor my Online Shop’s transactions?

– You will be given an account from your choice of seller (Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express) where you will be able to see your account’s transactions.

17.) After I subscribe, how long will be the duration of the Online Shop?

– 12 months.

18.) Is my Online Shop only available in the United Arab Emirates?

– It is available around the world. Everyone can see and buy from your Online Shop.

19.) How long will it take to complete the set-up of my online shop?

– It will take approximately 1 week.

20.) How do I communicate with the technical team if I have further concerns?

– You can send us an e-mail in the SEND US A MESSAGE field in the contact page under Shop (http://emaratiya.net/shop1/index.php/contact/).