You are sitting at home doing nothing, looking at Facebook or chatting online and you see something you would like to buy.

see how it work1

And you think to yourself why not???

I am doing nothing …. Then you go to and you see an ad telling you “MAKE EXTRA MONEY FROM HOME”. Now you say to yourself “this is an ad like all the other ads online”!! But the more you read the more you find out how different it is!! What you find out is that you will be working with the best marketplaces in the word and the biggest which are eBay, Amazon and Ali Express …

It sounds cool but you think to yourself “how can I do this? I don’t have any experience in online work” ?????

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Then you find out that all you need to do is buy one of the  PACKAGES and choose an item you would like to have or talk about to your friends online or your family and you can make money from it, between $100 to $500 a week.

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You will be the owner of your own online shop without spending money on stock, storing any products or paying rent.

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After you choose your package, fill out your form, choose the items and make a payment, an email with all your details go to one of our IT specialist who will start creating your online shop and link it to the market of your choice –  EBay, Amazon or Ali Express. We will create an account for you with your chosen marketplace to ensure your money from the items sold in your online shop goes directly to you.

This will take up to one week from start to finish.

see how it work5

In your online shop you don’t need to worry about manually adding items, special software will take care of the process automatically.

When it is finished, one of our customer service officers will send you an email with the link to your completed shop and a manual/guide to running it.

All you need to do is tell all your friends and family and this will be you!!